Atomu Isurugi (石動 亜土夢, Isurugi Atomu)[3] is a freshman at Touin Academy [4]. He's the soccer team's goalkeeper and plays with jersey n°1.

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Atomu is usually seen smiling and has a rather carefree personality. However, he becomes more serious once he's on the field and even has quite a bad personality, as he states with a smile than Mizuki might not be able to recover if he were to lose twice to the same rival [5], during Touin's match against Seiseki. Likewise when he said that it was fine to go out of the cage because Seiseki's guys were getting a bit too carried away. [6]

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Atomu was apparently well-known in the Kansai area for being a playmaker and an elite field player [7]. Yet, he became a key player as a goalie for Touin team, as he excelled at this position as well. The team level is so high that he can leave the goal free and play as an eleventh unmarked and very skilled player. Even Indou acknowledged Atomu had an amazing sense for soccer [8]

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  • His special skill is taekwondo.
  • His favorite things are manga and anime while he dislikes bugs.
  • His favorite saying is : "A feigned illness is the most serious illness in this world."

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