DAYS Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack album of the DAYS anime series, containing music by Yoshihiro Ike.

Track listing Edit

  1. Time with Friends (仲間との時間)
  2. Kickoff (キックオフ)
  3. Fated Meeting (運命の出会い)
  4. Magnificent Field (壮大なフィールド)
  5. Stay Strong, Tsuku-chan!! (がんばれ、つくちゃん!!)
  6. Stained with Dirt (泥臭く)
  7. Full Force Dash (全力疾走)
  8. I Want to Support the Dream (夢の一員になりたい)
  9. Never Forget (ずっと忘れない)
  10. Towering Wall (そびえ立つ壁)
  11. Unbelievable Guy (とんでもねぇ奴)
  12. Established Event (恒例行事)
  13. Prestigious Seiseki (名門・聖蹟)
  14. Training Menu from Hell (地獄のメニュー)
  15. What's Going On!? どうなってやがる!?)
  16. I Want to Get Better (うまくなりたい)
  17. Looking Back (思い返せば)
  18. Noon Rest (昼休み)
  19. So Annoying! So Annoying! (ムカつく!ムカつく!)
  20. Aim For the Top (頂点を目指して)
  21. Competitive Spirit (負けん気)
  22. After School 放課後)
  23. Effort (努力)
  24. Gap in the Heart (心の隙間)
  25. Seiseki, Fight!! (せいせきぃ、ファイ!!)
  26. Growth (脅威)
  27. Presence (存在感)
  28. Dire Straits (ピンチ)
  29. Ridiculous Physical Training (バカげたフィジカル)
  30. Unconditional Love (無償の愛)
  31. Counterattack Time (逆襲の時間)
  32. Team Encirclement (チーム団欒)
  33. Friends' Presence (仲間の存在)

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