Season 1

Episode List

  1. With Just That, I Feel Like I Could Keep on Running Forever
  2. I Want to Be Part of the Dream
  3. Playing Soccer with You is Really Fun, You Idiot
  4. I Want to Put My Life on the Line to Live
  5. That's Why I Will Keep on Running, Kazama-kun
  6. Running for Someone, That's the Kind of Soccer I Want to Play
  7. I Wish I Could Repay My Debt, if but a Little
  8. If He Gets into it, He Will Become a Bullet
  9. We'll Get the Ball Over to Where Your Voice Can Reach Us in No Time
  10. I Won't be Defeated by Such a Tiny Setback
  11. In Order to Connect These Gleaming Days to the Future
  12. I Won't Let Anyone Be Disappointed Again
  13. You Just Need to Look Forward
  14. Give Everything to Take My Spot Away From Me
  15. I'm Sure I Can't Stay at Seiseki Any Longer
  16. The Endless Waves that Keep Crashing In
  17. I Love This Team
  18. Tell Me, Kimishita: You Can Do It, Right?
  19. Come With Me. It's a Straight Shot to Nationals
  20. Don't Underestimate Seiseki
  21. Isn't Soccer a Blast?
  22. Right Now, I'm Seiseki's Captain
  23. I'm a Member of Seiseki's Soccer Team, Too
  24. I Want to Play More Soccer With This Team
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