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Genichirou Taira (平 源一郎, Taira Genichirō) is in his third-year of high school and the captain of Seikan's soccer team who is an attacking midfielder where he plays with jersey n°10.


Taira has long brown hair that is tied up in a small ponytail with bangs hanging over forehead, brown eyes and he has a girlish look.



During his first year, Taira was the kind of player who would start attacking by himself. But him doing that would prevent him from defending his team. He was entrusted to be the core of the team so he held his head high and started to be a established playmaker. And so, he decided to work on his shoulders to increase strength.


When Hisahito Mizuki caught him kissing his girlfriend, Taira told Mizuki that he will soon be playing with Mizuki in kashima antlers.


Taira is a playmaker with a strong physical ability who is able to send powerful yet precise passes. As a genius player like Kaoru Indou, he can pinpoint passes and and fire powerful passes. Taira also possess the ability to dribble past players, as he did in the Quarter Finals against Sakuragi.

  • Strength: Despite his girly looks, he has broad shoulders, which helps him shield the ball from two defenders.


Mayumi Himura

Taira considers Himura as Seikan's ace striker and has absolute reliance on him in front of goal. Whenever the coach suggests a different tactic, Taira asks Himura of his personal opinion on it and if he has any issues, Taira supports his decision.


  • The name Genichirou means "source, origin" (源) (gen), "one" (一) (ichi) and "son" (郎) (rou).
  • Genichirou's surname Taira means "flat, board, level, even, peaceful" (平).


  • Taira's special skill is iai (the art of quickly drawing one's sword) [3].
  • Taira's favorite thing is Kamakura festival but he dislikes fireworks.
  • Taira's favorite quote is "As fast as the wind, as quiet as the forest, as daring as fire, and immovable as the mountain."
  • Taira has an unspecified but high number of girlfriends.


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