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Kazuma Chinen is a 3rd year Student at Ichiboshi Academy and a member of its soccer club.


Although mainly left footed, Chinen plays as a right winger for Ichiboshi as one of the dangerous forwards. His main trait is his technique has he uses a Heel Lift to get past Hayase and also his stylish fake. He can also use his weak foot with no issue as he shot with the outside of his right foot in an impossible angle which Inohara barely saved it for a corner. Chinen also possesses good crossing accuracy.


In Middle School, Chinen was part of Kyushu's Selection, a team composed of the best middle school players in the region.


  • His special skill is Trombone
  • He likes Pickled cucumbers
  • He dislikes Humidity
  • His favorite saying is "Wait and Hope"