Keiougawara High School (Japanese: 京王河原高校 Keiōgawara Kōkō) is a high school located in Tokyo Prefecture. Keiougawara's soccer is considered new due to running for about 2 years. The team only consist of first years and second years players.

Uniform Edit

Keiougawara's kit consists of white-green strip jerseys, green shorts, and green socks.

Notable Players Edit

Name Number Position Year
Yoshida 5 Defender 2nd Year
Yamada 7 Defender 2nd Year
Yuji Maruoka 9 Forward / Captain 2nd Year
Kai Takafumi 10 Forward 2nd Year

Tactics Edit

National Championship - Tokyo Preliminaries Block A Edit

First Round

  • Keiougawara High School vs Unknown School (4-0)

Quarter Final

  • Keiougawara High School vs Unknown School (??)


References Edit

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