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Aiba nutmegging Usui.

Miran Aiba (相庭 未蘭 Aiba Miran) is a 2nd year student and star forward and ace striker of Ichiboshi Academy.


Aiba is a dark skinned guy.



Aiba attends Ichiboshi Academy, located in Nagasaki Prefecture in the region of Kyushu.

In his six years of elementary school, he scored over hundred goals. Aiba was part of Kyushu's selection with Chinen and Oku.

Aiba also played against Marco, Kato and Ikariya from Ryouzan at some point in middle school. He also played against Kimishita and Ooshiba from Seiseki.



He's the only 2nd. year student in the "top ten," meaning he already has a professional team offer. A soccer prodigy, Aiba has been the top scorer in every single category he has played. An outstanding dribbler and all-around forward, he's nationwide famous, and the center piece in his school offensive soccer style.


  • His staple food is parfait.
  • He has a personal pitch at the hill behind his house.