This page is meant to list every character partially named in the story so far and that we might encounter again.

Kei Sakai [1]

Noguchi [2]



Eiji-san is a salaryman who often plays futsal with Kazama [3]. The latter then introduced Tsukamoto to him. When not playing football, he's usually seen smoking. It looks like he has known Kazama for a long time [4].



Ezaki-san is one of Tsukamoto's mum coworker at the daycare [5].


Tomo is one of Chikako Ubukata's two best friends. All three are in the same class as Tsukushi Tsukamoto. [6] Tomo has short black hair fashioned in a bowl cut with one lock of hair falling between her eyes.



Yoshida-kun is a freshman student in the same class as Tsukushi Tsukamoto, Jin Kazama and Chikako Ubukata. He's jealous of Tsukamoto because the latter often speaks with Ubukata. He's part of Seiseki's judo club and according to Tsukamoto, Yoshida has good reflexes. However, he doesn't seem to be very fair-play, as he grabbed him when they competed in soccer. [7] However, he was soundly beaten by Tsukamoto after he figured out his weakness: his inability to dribble with his left foot, so he can no longer be fooled by Yoshida's feints.


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