Ryosuke Ikariya (碇屋 良介 Ikariya Ryōsuke) is the "Honest-to-god a super genius" and Ryouzan High School's number 10, and also a member of the Japan Youth National team of his category.

Plot Edit

Ikariya is a superb offensive midfielder, nicknamed "Japan's Treasure." Ikariya is incredibly popular and is even sponsored for advertisement. A very versatile and highly technical player, Ikariya possesses amazing dribbling, ball control, incredible reaction times, and long distance shooting with his left foot, which is the reason for his other nickname, "The left of God." He's the second of Ryouzan's "top ten" players, which he will also join a professional team after he graduates.

He also scored a hat-trick against Seiseki but it wasn't enough, as Ryouzan ended up losing 3-4 in the end.

When he played for Japan a while ago against UAE , he got injured when he got tackled and he was out of action for a couple of weeks.

Relationships Edit

Kazuhiko Katō : Ikariya has known Kazuhiko since they were young.

Gallery Edit

  • Ryousuke

    Ikariya flicking the ball over Haibara.


    Mizuki shook by Ikariya.