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Ryuushin Academy (Japanese: 竜神学院 Ryūshin Gakuin) is a high school team from the Tochigi Prefecture that participated in the Kagoshima Prefecture Training Camp with other National level High School teams that didn't make the Interhigh National Championship.

Ryuushin High was well known for their iron curtain defense.Like Saku High, their own monster goalkeeper, Kinugawa is a freshman.

Notable players




1 / Goalkeeper / 1st Year


Ryuushin High was well known for their iron curtain defense which along side with their monstrous goalkeeper who is a super star freshman, the school team did not concede any goals in their first 3 games of the summer camp until they were down 2-0 after a barrage of attacks by Mizuki and Jin Kazama. The biggest issue with the team is that they are unable to secure possession after goalkeeper parries or defenders' clearances. .

Kagoshima Prefecture Summer Training Camp

First Match

  • Ryuushin High vs ??? (?-?)

Second Match

  • Ryuushin High vs ??? (?-?)

Third Match

Fourth match

  • Ryuushin High vs ??? (?-?)