Municipal Sakuragi High School, said Saku High (Japanese: 桜木高校 Sakuragi Kōkō), is a high school soccer team. It is a "miracle team" that has risen up very suddenly in the last two years.

Along with Seiseki High School, Tennouzu High and Touin Academy, they form the four kings of Tokyo high school teams, with Touin being the best, having represented Tokyo three times in 5 years.


Saku High home kit consists of red jerseys, white shorts, and red socks.

Notable Player


Indou Kaoru
Ruka Kondou Tarou Kisaragi Kaoru Indou
1 / Goalkeeper / 3rd year 2 / Defender / 3rd year 7 / Midfielder / 3rd year
Shuuji Narukami
Koban Nekotani Shuuji Narukami Shou Torikai
9 / ?? / 3rd year 10 / Forward / 3rd year 11 / ?? / 3rd year




Saku high is a diamond 4-4-2 formation. Their power is centered around four players : their captain, Indou, game controlling genius midfielder, and the team's heart ; their "monster" goalkeeper Kondou ; the "brave leader" leading the defense line, Kisaragi ; and finally, the most dangerous player, Narukami, the forward. According to coach Nakazawa, he is like a god of death and pushes his opponents to hell's bottom in an instant.

Interhigh - Tokyo Preliminaries


  • Municipal Saku High vs Nitaka High School (3-0)


Interhigh National Championship


National Championship - Tokyo Preliminaries Block B


  • Municipal Saku High vs Tennouzo High School (1-0)[2]

For the Tokyo Preliminaries, Saku High was registered in Block B. Like Interhigh, there are two representative from Tokyo Prefecture which is divided into Block A and Block B. Saku High and Tennouzu High School are placed as seeded in Block B so they only played 4 matches. After winning all matches and defeated Tennouzu in the Final, they became Tokyo B representative for the National Championship

National Championship

First Round

  • Municipal Saku High vs Bousou Academy [Chiba] (5-0)[3]

Second Round

  • Municipal Saku High vs Unknown School (4-0)[4]

Third Round

  • Municipal Saku High vs Unknown School (3-0)

Quarter Final


For the National Championship, Sakuragi was registered as team 20. They were in the same pool with strong opponents like Ryouzan High School (Interhigh Champion), Otowa Gakuin High School (Runner up Interhigh) and Seiseki High School (Tokyo A representative).



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