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Sayuri Tachibana (橘 小百合, Tachibana Sayuri) is a 2nd year student attending Seiseki High School and the next door neighbor/childhood friend of Tsukushi Tsukamoto.


Sayuri has chocolate-brown hair that has a braid on the right side where it is tied by different colored ribbons with bangs swept to the left side and brown eyes.





Tsukushi Tsukamoto

Sayuri and Tsukushi have known each other since childhood and are essentially like brother and sister. She fondly calls him "Tsuku-chan" while he refers to her as "Sayuri-chan", and before he befriends Jin Kazama and enters Seiseki High School, she is his only friend; it's implied that he applied to Seiseki to go to the same school as her. She cares about him a great deal, watching over him both in matches and in everyday life (although lately she has entrusted him to his teammates more), roots for him, and supports him in whatever ways she can. She has always appreciated Tsukushi's kindness and selflessness even if it keeps getting him in trouble, and she is proud of his recent growth as a person.

Nozomi Tsukamoto

Nozomi and Sayuri are shown to have a close bond, almost akin to family, to the point where she once calls her "auntie". They're very casual and comfortable around each other and often join forces in looking after Tsukushi Tsukamoto and cheering him on; when Nozomi goes to watch his matches Sayuri accompanies her, and they're occasionally found talking about how much Tsukushi has grown since joining the Seiseki High School soccer club, both of them taking great pride in his development.

About Sayuri

  • Dislikes: Nothing
  • Specialty: Dousing
  • Favorite Quote: Standing, she is like a Chinese peony; sitting, she is like a a tree peony; walking, she is like a lily.


  • The name Sayuri means "small" (小) (sa) and "lily" (百合) (yuri).
  • Sayuri's surname Tachibana means "orange, tangerine" (橘).


  • Sayuri works in a fast food restaurant.