Seikan High or Seikan Academy (Japanese : 青函学園 Seikan Gakuen) is a high school located in Aomori Prefecture. Seikan is one of the rival teams of Seiseki High in Summer camps training. Their achievement is best 8 National Championship in last year.

Uniform Edit

Seikan High kit consist black-red strip jerseys, white shorts with black details, and black socks with white details. Their jersey is similiar to AC Milan.

Notable Players Edit

Players Edit

Motonori Higuchi

#3rd year // 4 // Defender
Genichirou Taira

#3rd year // 10 // Midfielder
Mayumi Himura

#1st year // 11 // Forward

Tactics Edit

Seikan use 4-5-1 formation focused on Himura as one striker.

Summer Training Camp Edit

National Championship Edit

First round

  • Seikan High vs Fukuikō High School (1-0)

Second round

  • Seikan High vs Yamanashi Koufu High School [Yamanashi] (5-3)[2]

Third Round

  • Seikan High vs Unknown School (??)

Quarter Final

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