Seiseki High School (Japanese: 聖蹟高校 Seiseki Kōkō) is a fictional high school whose football team is featured in, and the focus of, the Days series. Seiseki is located in Tokyo and considered strong along with Sakuragi High, Tennouzo, and Touin Academy as they are top team in Tokyo Prefecture.

Uniforms Edit

Seiseki's home kit consists of black jerseys, black shorts, and black socks. The away kit consists of yellow jerseys, black shorts, and yellow socks. In the anime, the brand of Seiseki's kits is implied to be Mizuno, but this is unclear in the manga.

Notable Players Edit

Players Edit

Usui's face
Susumu Inohara Jirou Haibara Yuuta Usui
1 / Goalkeeper / 3rd year 2 / Defender / 3rd year 3 / Defender / 3rd year
Kokubo Mitsuru
Mitsuru Kokubo Hideki Sato Eita Suzuki
4 / Defender / 3rd year 5 / Midfielder / 2nd year 6 / Midfielder / 2nd year
Mizuki's face manga
Hisahito Mizuki Takanobu Hayase Jin Kazama
7 / Forward / 3rd year 8 / Midfielder / 3rd year 9 / Forward / 1st year
Kimishita Atsushi, always pissed off
Ooshiba's face
Shou Nakijin
Atsushi Kimishita Kiichi Ooshiba Shou Nakijin
10 / Midfielder / 2nd year 11 / Forward / 2nd year 12 / Goalkeeper / 1st year
Nitobe's face
Hiroyuki Kurusu
Testuya Nitobe Hiroyuki Kurusu Naoki Shiratori
14 / Defender / 1st year 15 / Midfielder / 1st year 16 / Forward / 1st year
Tsukushi Tsukamoto
Tsukushi Tsukamoto
17 / Forward / 1st year


Katsutoshi Nakazawa Chikako Ubukata
Katsutoshi Nakazawa Chikako Ubukata
Coach Manager / 1st year

Tactics Edit

Seiseki tends to start games with a 4-3-3 formation focusing on the Three Arrows - left-winger Mizuki, center-forward Ooshiba, and right-winger Kazama - with Kimishita as playmaker. Many of their attacks down the right flank begin with right-back Haibara, who has a tendency to charge forward and overlap with his right-winger.

Generally, free-kicks and corners are taken by Kimishita, a set-piece specialist.

Summer Training Camp Edit

  • Seiseki High School vs Bousou Academy [Chiba] (3-2)
  • Seiseki High School vs Genbu High School [Aichi] (??)
  • Seiseki High School vs Ryuushin High [Tochigi] (4-1)[1]
  • Seiseki HIgh School vs Seikan High [Aomori] (4-3)[2]

Interhigh - Tokyo Preliminaries Edit

First Round

  • Seiseki High School vs Tateyama High School (1-0)

Second Round

  • Seiseki High School vs Unknown School (7-0)


  • Seiseki High School vs Ariake High School (1-0)


National Championship - Tokyo Preliminaries Block A Edit

Block A1

First Round

  • Seiseki HIgh School vs Mejirodai High School (8-0) [4]

Quarter Final

  • Seiseki High School vs Hakuto High School (5-0) [5]



For the Tokyo Preliminaries, Seiseki was registered in Block A. Like Interhigh, there are two representative from Tokyo Prefecture which is divided into Block A and Block B. Seiseki and Touin Academy are placed as seeded in Block A so they only played 4 matches. After winning all matches and defeated Touin Academy in the Final, they became Tokyo A representative for the National Championship.

National Championship Edit

First Round

Second Round

Third Round

Quarter final


For the National Championship, Seiseki was registered as team 10. They were in the same pool with strong opponents like Ryouzan High School (Interhigh Champion), Otowa Academy High School (Runner up Interhigh) and Municipal Sakuragi High School (Tokyo B representative) which defeated Seiseki on Interhigh Preliminaries.


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