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Shizuka Ura (Japanese: 浦静香 Ura Shizuka) is a 3rd year student and defender at Touin Academy.


He does not have a very high stature (176 cm) for a defender. He has black and shaven hair, black eyes and a scar on his left side.

He is mostly seen with the Touin Academy school uniform. When playing in matches, he wears the number 4 uniform.



Ura went to Touin Middle School, where he met Hoshina, Kaidou and most of Touin's squad members.

In his final year of middle school, he played in the middle school National Finals against Yokohama which had Kisaragi. They lost 2-1 and became runner ups.



Ura plays the central defender position, having excellent defensive qualities. He is seen as one of the fundamental or essential players for his team. Considered a national level player, he is a reliable, cautious, sturdy, clever and patient defender who embodies Touin Academy's soccer. He is also top-notch at creating offside traps.

In the Qualifying Game for the National Championship against Seiseki, Ura prevents his team from conceding at any cost, even putting his face against a shot from Oshiba.



  • Special skill: Violin
  • Likes: Combat sports
  • Dislikes: Lightnings
  • Favorite word: Those who don't advance, fall behind and those who don't fall behind, advance.