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Shuuji Narukami (成神 蹴冶, Narukami Shuuji) is student attending Saku High and is a member of its soccer club. He wears jersey n° 10.


He is the shortest member of the team, and has brown mushroom-like hairstyle, done by his mother, but he hates it, and brown eyes. In the anime version, he also has cat scratches all over his face. He looks and plays like young Lionel Messi; professional soccer player from Argentina.


Despite being egotistic in his play, he is very kind-hearted, and trusts Kaoru wholeheartedly, except if he never gets the ball, then they would argue in the locker room, and is the peacemaker for the team. He doesn't tend to freeze up in big games, but he did in the Nationals Semifinals because he was worried about Kaoru and third-years' retirements if the team loses.

Although he was offered a pro contract , Narukami turned them down as his desire is to go overseas.



Shuuji met Tsukamoto in the toilets, and was on his tip toes to be at taller than him.


Speed, agility and ball control

He benefits most from Kaoru Indou's court vision and pinpoint no-look passes. As such, he is the top scorer for the school. But as he is so small, he can pick the ball off on defense, and evade tackles, if he does need to go for it himself.



  • Like : Cats, even when he gets scratched a lot by them, and may be allergic to them.
  • Dislikes : Mushroom-like hairstyle, which he has.
  • Specialty : To be liked by animals, making curry.
  • Favourite quote: "Hat trick".
  • According to the manga, Narukami is an asthmatic.
  • He is one of the main characters of the spin-off "Furimuku na Kimi wa", with Kaoru Indou.