Susmu Inohara (猪原進, Inohara Susumu) is the 3rd year goalkeeper for Seiseki. He wears the no. 1 jersey

Appareance Edit

Inohara has long, brown spiky hair all around his head, and wears a yellow goalkeeping uniform (green for away), with black long compression pants with knee guards. When he is not in uniform, he wears a light-yellow T-shirt.

Skills Edit

Position sense Edit

For a larger goalkeeper, he has above average agility and reflexes and below average leaping ability, maybe due to knee problems in the past, he relies on his large body and positioning to parry saves. But he has improved against Keioushu where he saved twice.

Pinpoint punt passes Edit

He has a booming punt that can pick out even teammates with poor aerial ability.

Trivia Edit

  • Likes: Cats
  • Dislikes: Ghosts
  • Specialty : Knitting
  • Favorite Quote : "Soccer is simple, if I don't let the ball in, we can't lose."
  • Girlfriend : She exists.