Takafumi Kai (甲斐 貴文, Kai Takafumi) is a second year forward and set piece taker for Keioushi High. He is also the vice captain and assistant coach as the foundation members of the team with Yuji Maruoka.

Personality Edit

Kai is kind and cheerful, but when he plays, he tends to get idealistic and stubborn, going as far arguing with his center backs about team offense and defense.

Skills Edit

Knuckleball shot Edit

  • Kai can hit a knuckleball shot from outside the box straight from a counter attack, but in episode 22, that shot was parried away, and would would had hit the post anyway. But as a corner taker, the team tends to take short corners.

Backheel pass Edit

  • Since high school, he has developed a great chemistry with Maruoka, so he can fire backheel passes to him in a pinch.

Trivia Edit

  • He likes red bean buns and lemon tea.
  • Specialty : drawing
  • Dislikes: heights
  • Favorite saying : "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step".
  • He is not interested in getting a girlfriend.