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Tarou Kisaragi ( 如月太郎 , Kisaragi Tarō ) is a 3rd year student and defender who plays at Saku High.




Kisaragi went to Yokohama Middle School, located in Kanagawa Prefecture. His middle school was considered the "No.1 Talent Army" due to having many talented players.

He participated in the Nationals' finals with his middle school team Yokohama playing against Touin's Kaidou, Hoshina and Ura. They became victorious with final score being 2-1 after additional time.


After High School, he is moving to Switzerland due to family reasons.


Kisaragi is a very good all-round and smart defender, able to fend off many powerful players like Seikan's Taira. He is described as the "Brave Leader" of Saku High's defense. He was the MVP of the 33rd National Middle School Soccer Championship. He has good observation and anticipation skills that make him a formidable defender to get by. Kisaragi has speed, power, heading and top notch passing ability. He can also move up and join the attack.


  • Special Skill: Visiting shrines and temples