Touin Academy (Japanese: 東院学園 Tōin Gakuen), is a high school soccer teams in Tokyo. It's a absolute king thanks to their achievement as Tokyo representative five times for the last 3 years.

Along with Seiseki High School, Tennouzu High and Sakuragi High, they form the four kings of Tokyo high school teams.

Uniform Edit

Touin Academy kit consists of white-purple strips jerseys, purple shorts, and purple socks.

Notable Players Edit

Players Edit

No person
Atomu Isurugi Shizuka Ura Tomozou Kaname
1 / Goalkeeper / 1st year 2 / Defender / 3rd year ?? / Defender /
No person
Takumi Hoshina's face
Kouhei Miwa Takumi Hoshina Hayato Kaidou
?? / Midfielder / 3rd year 10 / Midfielder / 3rd year 11 / Forward / 3rd year
No person
17 / Defender /

Tactics Edit

Interhigh National Championship Edit


National Championship - Tokyo Preliminaries Block A Edit

Block A1


For the Tokyo Preliminaries, Touin Academy was registered in Block A. Like Interhigh, there are two representative from Tokyo Prefecture which is divided into Block A and Block B. Touin Academy and Seiseki High School are placed as seeded in Block A so they only played 4 matches. After lost to Seiseki High School in the final, they became Tokyo B Runner up Preliminaries.

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