Yuigahama High School (Japanese: 由比ヶ浜高校 Yuigahama Kōkō) is a high school located in Kanagawa Prefecture. Yuigahama High School qualified to national championship for the first time ever.

The team has no star player like other teams. They are working together to win a goal with a persistent defense. In the prefecture qualifiers, they beat two powerful candidates to get a national championship ticket.

Uniform Edit

Notable Players Edit

Takahiro asaoka
No person
Takahiro Asaoka tomonari Tsubaki Kensuke Tachi
1 / Goalkeeper / 2 / Defender / 3 / Defender /
Taiga Matsumoto
Yuta Shigeyama
Taiga Matsumoto Yūta Shigeyama Ren Shimizu
4 / Midfielder / 1st year 5 / Defender / 6 / Defender /
No person
Yuuto kido
Junpei Kimura Yūto Kido Ryōsuke Kunimoto
7 / Midfielder / 8 / Midfielder / 2nd year 9 / Midfielder /
Masashi Taniguchi
No person
Masashi Taniguchi Kōhei Ogawa
10 / Forward / 3rd year 11 / Midfielder /

Tactics Edit

National Championship Edit

First Round

Yuigahama was registered as team 9. They were not exempt from the first round.

References Edit

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