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Yuuta Usui (臼井 雄太, Usui Yūta) is a 3rd year student at Seiseki High School and the vice-captain of its football club. He wears jersey #3.


Usui has short blue-grey hair and brown eyes.


According to Tsukamoto, he is very caring, and is a very mature and independent person, just like a mother. He is also a fast and efficient cook. He is also very observant and eloquent, as he can explain things far more clearly than Mizuki, and has a calming influence on the team. He also had a jealous and spiteful streak when Mizuki's skills surpassed everybody. Also, he has a strong grip when shaking hands, when he almost crushed Himura's hand. However, he never wanted the leadership role outright because he dislikes the pressures and responsibilities of actually becoming a captain or coach, having already conceded that Mizuki is the best player for the team.




Intellect and game sense

Like Haibara, he has high football IQ, and acts like an assistant coach of sorts. In the Seikan game, he pushed the line up in the last second to draw offsides.

Defensive reflexes

In a game against Keiougawara High School, he single-handedly foiled the attack in the second half by blocking all shot attempts in the first 2 minutes.

Forward plays

Yuuta does not bomb forward often, but he can do so when Seiseki goes on the counterattack. However, he can overexert himself, as seen when he collapsed late in the game against Keiougawara High School and conceded a late goal.



  • Specialty: Solving jigsaw puzzles
  • Likes: Giant tortoises, melon buns
  • Dislikes: Afternoons with strong winds
  • Favourite quote: "There are no cowardly soldiers under a superior general".
  • Girlfriend: Not now.
  • Usui has offers from 3 professional clubs : Sapporo (where Indou is), Kashima (where Mizuki is) and Nagoya from Aichi.